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Does this program teach me how to sing with vibrato?
The Perfect Vibratotm training program takes you step-by-step, helping you master the use of vibrato, as well as the use of straight tone in your singing voice.  Perfect Vibratotm is recorded on 3 CDs, divided into two singing lessons, and further broken down into a total of four sections, showing you how to sing with vibrato.  Here's the breakdown:

Lesson 1: Developing the Vibrato
Lesson 1 starts off with a 
vibrato assessment section. A typical professional sounding vibrato pulses at about 5-7 pulses per second.  

The vibrato assessment helps you determine where your vibrato speed is, and then how to best proceed with the program for your level.

The second section of this first lesson is 
developing the vibrato, taking you through 7 different methods to finding your best vibrato, helping you develop your optimal, natural vibrato speed, which is a little different for every person.

Lesson 2: Polishing the Vibrato
The first section of lesson 2 is all about 
polishing the vibrato.  It takes you through dozens of exercises to give a great, finished sound to your voice.  This section works on continuing to master your best vibrato. At the same time, you'll perfect a free, open and powerful straight tone.

The final section pulls it all together!  This is the application section.  You'll work on several song phrases, mixing up the use of your newly mastered vibrato and straight tone vocals. You'll learn to easily move between vibrato and straight tone when stylizing.

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 "My vibrato was pretty good, but there were times it didn't seem to come as easily as others, especially in my lower range. The CDs showed me how my straight tone could have a positive influence on my vibrato.  This instantly released my voice. Thanks Eric!" - LaShaun Cheney

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"I'm already getting great results and it's only been a few days!" - John Brady